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North Coast 500 – Best Pictures

So we finally got round to exploring Scotland’s most famous road trip, the North Coast 500. We decided that before we shoot off to the other side of the world, we need to take the trip to our own back garden first! During our week-long camping trip around the bonnie highlands, we saw sights that will stick with us for the rest of our lives. If you haven’t heard of the NC500, or simply haven’t been inspired to go, then check out our North Cost 500 – Best Pictures for some serious inspiration!

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The unbelievable Coldbackie Sands. We found this right on the north coast and had it completely to ourselves!



Centuries of harsh weather has carved these stunning pillars of rock, known as the Duncasby Stacks.



Take a stroll down the Whaligoe Steps and be transported to a whole other world. The peacefulness under these cliffs was unbelievable.



Blue skies over the Duncasby Lighthouse, by John O’Groats. Across the endless blue ocean lies the Arctic circle.



Setting up with a view of the edge of the world. The sunset from Duncasby Lighthouse is unforgettable.



Nestled amongst the hills sits the quaint town of Ullapool. Make sure you stop by here for a drink and some live music.



Campsite with a view. This is one of the many reasons why we LOVE wild camping.



Which direction now? Stop by the John O’Groats visitor centre for this classic photo opp!



One of Scotland’s most famous beauties. Who doesn’t want a snap of a cuddly highland coo?!



History is literally everywhere up here. It’s still a marvel to us how these castles manage to stand the test of time.


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